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LitHub – Book Review

LitHub – Book Review

Today is Tomorrow Book CoverIn the eyes of some Christians, Western missionaries in Africa are often regarded as holy martyrs who must Christianize the dark continent at all costs. In the eyes of secular skeptics, missionaries are usually the destroyers of indigenous cultures and irrational proselytizers who want to convert people to the Christian faith against their will.

Both of these divergent views

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Caroline Kurtz: On Writing Memoir

Caroline Kurtz: On Writing Memoir

With my husband and sons, I moved mid-career to Nairobi, Kenya from a teaching job in Ethiopia. We’d been asked to work for four years with Nuers, the second largest ethnic group in South Sudan. It was a misbegotten and doomed assignment. Trauma from the Sudanese civil war, now in its thirtieth year, pressed on everyone, always, and everywhere. Corruption ruled.

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Ten Books to Help Understand the Conflicts in South Sudan and Ethiopia

Caroline Kurtz Recommends Maaza Mengiste, Asfa-Wossen Asserate, Dinaw Mengestu, and More – By Caroline Kurtz

The first home I remember well sat on the edge of a remote escarpment in mountainous Ethiopia. Ethiopians there accepted me, bemused and curious about my strange hair that had been bleached by the tropical highland sun. When I returned to the US, I spoke as a native,

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Dr. Sue Hudson – Book Review

Rev. Dr. Sue Hudson reviews Caroline Kurtz’s new book.

Caroline Kurtz’s book is real, raw and truly a sacred story of who she is and how God has called her since childhood. This is her second memoir, as she continues to process her ministry, cross-cultural identity, family connections and deep desire to make a difference in the world. As a mother, mission co-worker and minister, I could relate. I have three daughters who sometimes feel

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Caroline Kurtz Wins Best First Book Award

Caroline Kurtz Wins Best First Book Award

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